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El Cajon Open

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Thank you for your interest in Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp’s 2017 Slim for Summer Challenge. If you have done "other" transformation challenges before, you will find ours to be a little different. We are not about overcrowding our classes and getting as many people into our challenge as possible. We focus on the quality of our program and results. Our challenges are capped. Once we have a certain amount of members and non-members, we announce registration is closing and no one else is accepted into the challenge.

The official start date of the challenge is Monday, May 1st, 2017, with "before" photos being taken Saturday, April 29th. There will be assessments and orientation for the challenge on Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th.

There are team and individual participation options, and $10,000 in cash and prizes for both individuals and teams. Individual prizes will be awarded in 2 transformation categories – fat loss and get lean/build muscle. Team prizes will be awarded to participants on the winning team in each of our 6 team events and an overall team prize will be awarded to the overall winning team.

Program also Includes:

EARLY BIRD! Valid March 24th – April 7th, 2017.

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  • $200
  • $200Tier 3 - After Apr. 21st
  • Order Now: $200

Some Of Our Past Results

Hardcore Fitness 60 Day Challenge!

Get in the best shape of your life before you see your family and friends for the holidays! We have had many challenges now and the last one we did proved to give greater results in a shorter period of time than other challenges or fitness programs, hands down! To be honest, we got several E-mails from people in disbelief by what they saw in the before and after pictures and they wanted to know if it was for real…well.. Its for real and we are doing it again! Our top competitors in the last challenge lost almost 60 lbs in 60 days which is almost 1 lb per day! This challenge works! There’s no multi- level marketing, no miracle pill, no short cuts in this challenge, the difference is in what we provide. We know what it takes to see dramatic results, We were all once in your shoes and made our own personal transformations to become national level fitness competitors, sponsored athletes, contest prep coaches, voted “best personal trainers in LA”, and some of the most highly sought after trainers in the game! Our clients and challenge contestants get dramatic results because we tailor personalized programs for each of them ranging from what type of cardio is best for them for fat loss, supplement programs, complete diet program with changes along the way, and much more. You see, there’s no computer generated plan for success or blueprint to change your body, its different for all of us and this is where our expertise really shines! As fitness competitors and prep coaches we have to make sure everything we do delivers results because there’s a deadline where we have to stand on stage and if we didn’t get the results, its going to show! We can make small modifications based on how you’re feeling or your body is changing and all of a sudden you start to see progress again, its all about how we bring all the pieces together to ensure you keep seeing results. We make ourselves disposable to the challenge contestants through the whole process so you’re never alone. We are there for anything from support to new cardio ideas to keep it fun and mix things up. We cover all the bases in this challenge and that’s why it works. The challenge is based on overall body transformation, not weight loss, or fat loss, so anyone can do this! If you’re serious about changing your body, you want to train with the best, and you’re not afraid to work for what you want, then this is the challenge for you! Go to http://www.hardcorefitnesssd.com/ to get more info on the challenge and schedule your FREE 5 DAY PASS TODAY!

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The Workout

Each class is 60 minutes in duration. For the first 5 to 15 minutes (depending on the scheduled workout for the day), we go through a dynamic warm-up and static stretching routine to prepare your body for the workout. After that, one of the certified personal trainers will explain the workout for the day and demonstrate the exercises that will be performed. Proper form and technique will also be discussed. The workout will then begin, which may involve anything from a 5-mile run to a 5-exercise circuit with barbells, kettle bells, treadmills and spin bikes. The workouts are always different and you never know until you show up what the workout will consist of. The reason for not giving advance notice of the type of workout is that this is not a workout "class," but a workout "p rogram." We design the workouts to work synergistically with the next workout of the following day, the day after, etc. This program is designed for you to work your body intensely without skipping any elements and avoiding injury. We know ladies enjoy working cardio, butt and abs - and guys prefer the chest and arm workouts. However, this program is not about what you want - it's about what you need to get you into the best shape possible. We design the program and all you need to do is show up and do the work!


All exercises are scale-able so that they can be performed by a first time exerciser or challenging enough for the strongest athlete.