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Hardcore Fitness San Diego is a cross training/bootcamp program designed by certified personal trainers to get you in the greatest shape of your life in the shortest amount of time!

If you took all of the best elements of personal training, a gym, a boot camp, a cross-training program,San Diego Yoga Classes, and put them all together Hardcore Fitness is what you'd get! This program covers resistance training, cardiovascular, stretching, supplement use, and most importantly, diet and nutrition; All of the elements necessary to build a leaner, stronger, and healthier you. We aren't like other boot camp.


Tommy Reynolds

Tommy Reynolds is the co-Founder of Hardcore Nutrition - a thriving supplement company, and Co-Owner of Hardcore Fitness San Diego & El Cajon. He is committed to reaching as many clients as possible (in San Diego and beyond) and is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. Tommy believes that health and fitness is the path toward gaining confidence not only physically, but mentally.

Tommy moved to San Diego from Sacramento to attend San Diego State University in 2000. He graduated in 2005 with a Real Estate Finance degree. After a few years, he realized that fitness, not finance, was his true calling. He started training clients in 2009 as he prepared for his first NPC bodybuilding show. Since then he has competed in 15 NPC shows and has placed top 5 in all of them. He has also helped dozens of athletes prep for NPC contests with consistent high placings and even overall wins. In addition to taking competitors to the stage through strength and nutritional coaching, he also has numerous lifestyle clients.

Tommy played sports from the age of 6 until he graduated high school in 2000. This is when he found his love for the gym and weight training. He bought his first gym membership in 2000 and now can't wait to train you at Hardcore Fitness.

Haley May - Hardcore Fitness San Diego/El Cajon Bootcamp Co-Owner

ACE Personal Trainer, ERYT Certified Yoga Instructor, Health & Fitness Enthusiast, Pilates Master Teacher, Schwinn Certified Cycling Instructor, WA State Physical Education & Health Teacher

To some, it's just a byproduct of a great work-out, to Haley May? It's a religion. We're talkin' about sweat! She loves to do it - whether it's through weights, yoga, running or organized sports – Haley has been sweating all her life.

Haley May met her business partner Tommy Reynolds in 2013 as her nutritionist and personal training coach for her first Bikini Bodybuilding competition. They are now best friends and Co-owners of two Hardcore Fitness locations in San Diego. Haley went on to compete in three Bikini competitions in 2014, qualifying for nationals in her 3rd show. At Hardcore Fitness, she and Tommy sculpt clients not only for competitions, but can assist anyone in becoming their best self through nutrition coaching and one-on-one and group training.

Prior to opening Hardcore Fitness, Haley May was an instructor and Assistant Fitness Manager at luxury health resort 'Rancho La Puerta' in Baja, California, Mexico. Haley has also spent time teaching classes and managing studios for CorePower Yoga in the San Diego area. Haley has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Pacific Lutheran Univ., and loves to use her background in Division One athletics (basketball and track) to creatively motivate clients. She has also completed several marathons, and is passionate about giving back to kids, teaching kiddie yoga and helping out with fitness camps for youngsters.


I have always enjoyed working out and challenging myself physically. I was starting to become very bored of my regular routine.

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Dawn Glassey | 1st Hardcore Fitness San Diego Bootcamp Member

I luv yoga but was looking for something a little more physical to augment my yoga practise.

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Chris Muhart | Hardcore Fitness Bootcamp & Yoga member

I want to be able to provide the peace and strength through yoga to others around me.

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– Colleen (Coco) McGlamery | Yoga Teacher

Joining Hardcore Fitness was the best decision I could have made for ME! I was out of shape,

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– Chad Moore | Hardcore Fitness SD Member